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Knife Care

High carbon steel is quite different from the stainless steel varieties in circulation.  Typically, the steel is much harder and more durable, meaning your knife will stay sharper longer.  On the other hand, high carbon steel requires more care.  A good relationship with the knife will result in a tool that will last a lifetime.

The best practice is a two step treatment to be followed immediately after use of the knife.  First, hand wash high carbon steel rather than putting it through the dishwasher.  Nothing is quite as destructive as the heat and jostling of a dishwasher.  Secondly, after towel drying, apply a food-safe oil liberally over both knife and scales.  Some oils in this category are camellia oil or mineral oil.  After a few moments, that oil can be wiped off and the knife stored.

Our knives are sharpened prior to shipping, but continued maintenance is optimal in keeping any knife performing at its best.